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Travel Agent vs. Travel Advisor: What’s the difference?

April 26, 2024

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When people ask what I do for a living, and I tell them “travel advisor”, they usually respond with, “Is that the same thing as a travel agent?” Well, the answer is a bit complicated as there wouldn’t be travel advisors if there hadn’t ever been travel agents, but in short, no, travel advisors and travel agents are not the same. Keep reading to learn how we’re different.

What We Do

Travel Agent

Think of a Travel Agent as the salesperson offering a selection of pre-set travel packages that cater to a broad audience, rather than curating personalized experiences that work best for you.

Travel Advisor

A Travel Advisor, on the other hand, is your personal travel expert. We consult with our clients and are passionate about and invested in bringing your travel dreams to life. We tailor experiences and itineraries to each individual’s preference, providing in-depth advice and custom solutions for unique travel needs.

Customizable Trips

Travel Agent

Travel Agents often have ready-made trips that might not hit the mark on what you’re specifically looking for.

Travel Advisor

Travel Advisors are all about crafting bespoke itineraries from scratch, ensuring every trip is aligned with the traveler’s personal interests, style, and expectations.

Getting to Know You

Travel Agent

With Travel Agents, the connection might not be as deep. For their travel products, they don’t need to get to know you because there aren’t elements of the trip they can customize. It’s often about the here and now, not so much the long haul.

Travel Advisor

Travel Advisors prioritize establishing a lasting rapport. We really want to get to know you and your travel dreams, making sure we deliver top-notch, personalized service every time. I always tell my clients, “My job is to become an expert on you!”

Help Along the Way

Travel Agent

If you’re traveling and need help, you may end up on a general customer service line, talking to someone who doesn’t understand your situation.

Travel Advisor

With a Travel Advisor, we are dedicated to supporting you throughout your travel experience, including when the unexpected happens. We are here to provide options to find the best solution for you. We’ve got your back! Did your day trip to Capri get canceled because of bad weather? No worries, I found a cooking class for you to pivot to!

Benefits of Working with a Travel Advisor

  • Expert Recommendations: Our in-depth knowledge of destinations, accommodations, and activities allow us to bring your dream trip to life.
  • Exclusive Perks: With our extensive network of industry connections and preferred partners, we provide you with inside access to amenities and experiences that enhance the value of your trip. (Not to mention experiences are tours unavailable to the public!)
  • Stress Less: Having a professional (who you can trust) in your corner to handle any hiccups means you can relax and save valuable time.

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